Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities and social activities are available?
The Clubhouse offers a wide range of facilities including state of the art hydrotherapy pool, fitness centre, library, snooker room,winter garden with glass atrium, residents meeting/club room, restaurant and bar, guest suite, a small shop and post box. In our experience a wide range of clubs and societies will be organized by the residents such as Rambling, art, table tennis, croquet, theatre goers, music, line dancing, photography, bridge, coffee mornings, talks, parties and shows, etc., the list is almost endless.

Can visitors stay?
Yes. Either within the resident’s property (for a period of no longer than 28 days), or if preferred in a well appointed guest room available at reasonable prices within the clubhouse complex.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, however for obvious reasons it is essential they are well trained and kept under control.

Who is responsible for redecoration of my property?
External re-decoration is the responsibility of the management company within a planned and budgeted cycle. Internal redecoration is the responsibility of the leaseholder and it is recommended to be carried out at least every 5 years.

Can I make alterations to my property?
Whilst structural changes are not allowed without the Freeholder's permission, internal refurbishments and improvements can be made subject to the landlords consent.

What about TV Reception?
Potential purchasers are advised that Bramshott Place Village receives digital TV signals only. you will need either a Sky box, Freeview box or Freeview ready TV.

Who will run the management company?
The provision of services and overall responsibility for the management of the village will be with Urban Renaissance Villages Ltd., who have been appointed by the Landlord as ‘Manager’ and whose executives have many years experience of the successful management of similar villages This company will provide back up support services and close monitoring control over the day to day on-site running of the village, which will be carried out by Bramshott Place Management Ltd.

Will the management company consult with the residents?
The local Village Manager of Bramshott Place Management will regularly attend residents association committee meetings where matters relating to the management of the village can be discussed. Urban Renaissance Villages will also keep close links with the residents. Under the terms of the deed the management company covenants to provide each leaseholder, at least 2 months prior to the end of the financial year, the proposed service charge budget for the forthcoming year. Urban Renaissance and the local Village Manager will meet the residents committee (or their delegated sub-committee) in advance of the above, to explain any variations or major increases required, and to provide any background information. The management company will provide each leaseholder with a certified statement of the independently audited accounts as soon as possible after the end of each financial year.

How much will the service charges increase by?
Increases in service charges will only reflect the higher costs of providing and maintaining the facilities and services, plus the effects of meeting any future government legislation. The management company will be acutely aware of the need to keep all costs under control and increases to the minimum.

Is there any medical cover?
A suitably qualified member of staff will be on duty from Monday to Friday during hours to be designated. He or she will be available to deal with medical emergencies, minor ailments, liaison with the GP or residents families, to give general advice on health matters, and to look after the well being of residents generally. Booking appointments for the weekly surgery, the organization of well woman/man clinics and annual flu jabs, are amongst some of the other services provided.

Is there an emergency alarm call system?
Each property has a system installed enabling residents to make contact with on-site staff in the event of a medical or property emergency, at any time during the designated hours, Monday to Friday. Outside the designated hours the system is connected to a professionally managed, UK based, off-site emergency call centre. For further peace of mind, each property also has a sensor which detects movement. This will activate the alarm call system in the event of no movement being recorded after a pre-set period.

What happens if I become unable to look after myself or partner?
Individual, full or part-time nursing care is not available as part of the services. However residents are entitled to arrange their own medical or domiciliary care packages through either social services or the private sector, and assistance in facilitating this will be given by the medical staff. If the health of a resident deteriorates to a point where permanent full-time care is needed and independent living is no longer possible, alternative living arrangements will need to be made. There is a clause in the lease which allows the Landlord to serve notice where the tenant fails to recognise this, and does not take the appropriate action. However it must be stressed that this is primarily designed to protect the other residents of the village and invoking it would be the very last resort. In most cases of this nature the resident themselves, their family, the appropriate health professionals and our own medical staff would all be involved in deciding the best course of action for the individual concerned. Where a couple occupy a property, if one or other of them remains able to cope with the care of the other, then there would be no requirement for alternative arrangements to be made.

What are the criteria for purchasing?
Residents must be over the age of 55 and have no serious health problems. Medical references may be required, however residents up to the age of 75 can self certify, with references only being required if significant health problems are disclosed. Bramshott Place Village does not provide personal nursing care and therefore is not suitable for those people who have serious health problems at the time of purchase.

How do I reserve a property?
The sales staff at the marketing suite are able to assist with all aspects of purchasing. Full reservation available for released plots. There is a £2000 reservation fee with 50% refundable if you do not proceed to exchange of contracts, this enables you to reserve a specific plot at an agreed price.