Residents Focus on Lifestyle at Bramshott Place Village

“For me, it’s all about the outlook, and from my new home at Bramshott Place Village I can see nothing apart from woods, parkland and greenery. Oh and the squirrels, rabbits and deer. It’s a delight.”

“I have French doors which open on to my own patio area where I keep my potted plants and flowers. I open the doors and all I can hear is the sound of birds. It’s lovely.”

Mrs Clementson

“John swims every day and uses the gym as well. He’s even signed up for table tennis! I get in there a few times a week. The facilities are fantastic.”

“When we came to look at the apartment it was a beautiful sunny day and the light was just flooding into the sitting room. It’s a really lovely, bright apartment. We were worried it was maybe slightly noisy, being right in the Clubhouse. So we came back the following day when Sunday lunch was being served and we couldn’t hear a thing! The apartments are very well sound proofed, so it’s really quiet and peaceful.”

“In addition to the pool, we are also very impressed by the library and the bar, plus those Sunday lunches which are very good!”

“We have absolutely no regrets. Everyone here is very nice and we’ve made new friends. The drive back and forth to Derbyshire was getting too much. And now we’re local we’re getting to see much more of our grandchildren – all four of them – which we love.”

Mr and Mrs Weeks

“The buildings are very attractive and the apartment is tastefully decorated. I like the pool and the village shop is so handy. There is just such a lovely atmosphere about the place and everyone seems so pleasant.”

“A neighbour of mine lost his wife a couple of years ago and then moved into Bramshott Place Village. He’s very happy here and told me ‘I couldn’t do better’.”

Mrs Dwyer

“Everyone’s in the same boat. We’ve all downsized, we’ve all experienced the same things. I find that these factors are important for bonding and creating the community spirit that flourishes at Bramshott Place Village. Everyone wants to join in and it creates a nice atmosphere.”

“We’ve been going to the restaurant once or twice every week, and we use the library and the bar. And we go to the Clubhouse whenever there’s something on. We even do a few hours a week helping out by serving behind the bar. It’s a bit of fun and certainly not hard work!”

Brian White

“The build quality and amenities here are good, and the clubhouse is very nice indeed. It's a lovely central area too, close to Guildford, Petersfield, Midhurst and Farnham and right on the A3 for getting to London.”

Leslie Chapman

“I really do like it, I have no responsibilities. People here are so nice, everyone knows each other and stops to say hello. I have got to know the people in my apartment building particularly well, and having other people around is something that I find of great comfort. I feel safer in an apartment and find my new neighbours very supportive. I had a car accident recently which necessitated buying a new vehicle, and luckily only my pride was hurt, but everyone here was very kind.”

“The office staff are very helpful. They are always there to help sort things out.”

Mary Cullen

“It’s very airy, light and full of sunshine. I wanted to try living in Bramshott Place Village because I’ve never lived anywhere like this before. It’s near the station and the shops and I use the Clubhouse. I like the idea that you can use the facilities if you want to, but you don’t have to. I also love getting to know the other residents, people who talk the same language.”

“It’s brilliant. You can tell the village staff you’re going away and they’ll keep an eye on the place. And with two bedrooms and bathrooms, the apartment has plenty of space for my daughters when they come to visit.”

Freddie Spink

“It’s impressive, everything being modern and new.”

“There’s a good community spirit here, and as we’re all roughly the same age, let’s say we have similar ideas.”

“I was very attracted to the facilities here, notably the Clubhouse, with its restaurant, bar and fitness amenities, which I make good use of. Bramshott Place Village has its own library, convenience store and regular GP clinic, so all the essentials are on the doorstep for residents. A bus service takes residents to the station and shops in Liphook.”

John Skiff