New Advertising Campaign with Annie Tempest Characters
is Designed to Raise a Smile
Date: February 2013

Left to Right, Bill Gair and Lucy Matthews from Urban Renaissance Villages and Peter Newman from Dreams Come True.
Illustrator Annie Tempest.

Readers of Country Life magazine will have undoubtedly chuckled over the adventures of Lord and Lady Tottering of Tottering-by-Gently, their family, friends and dogs, who are the creations of Annie Tempest, one of Britain’s best loved cartoonists.

Annie Tempest’s original talents have now been employed for Urban Renaissance Villages’ latest advertising campaign to promote Bramshott Place Village, Liphook and Durrants Village, Faygate, Horsham for which she has drawn up a whole new cast of characters using the same gentle but sharply observed humour. Her new people exhibit an independent, adventurous attitude to life, do things their own way without worrying too much about what others may think, and enjoy a glass of wine now and again; just like many of the residents at Bramshott Place Village! Prospective buyers at Durrants and Bramshott Place Villages will definitely recognise some of their acquaintances, if not themselves, in the advertisments.