A Village with a History

Bramshott Place Village Tower Gate
Bramshott Place Village, Seaman's Hospital Society

The original Bramshott Place Village was an Elizabethan mansion built in 1580 by local merchant John Hooke in a five-acre estate. This was knocked down in the mid-19th Century by the Erle family, who replaced it with Bramshott Grange. Built from local stone, with 17 bedrooms and stabling for eight horses, the Erle’s modest home was sold to the Seaman’s Hospital Society in 1919 who turned it into a sanatorium where the patients would benefit from fresh air and excellent food, including fresh produce from the walled garden. The new ‘Sailor King’ institution, with accommodation for 80 patients, was named after George V, who served at sea during WWI and officially opened the building in 1921. In 1948, when the N.H.S. was founded, the hospital became the responsibility of a local management committee which merged with the Guildford Group in 1960, and many bronchitis sufferers were brought from London for treatment. In 1963 it became a hospital for the elderly under the Portsmouth Health Authority, and closed in 1987.

Bramshott Place Village, Hampshire Retirement for the over 55s
The highly valuable Grade II* listed Tudor Gatehouse, which is the corporate logo for the development, has now been fully restored and become a key landmark in this outstanding new Village."